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Am I a Love addict and what can I do?

Diagnose yourself

Do I have a problem with love addiction?
Can you relate to or identify with some or many of the following?


  1. Do you tend to stay in relationships, even though you’re hurt over and over again?
  2. Do you make excuses for the way your partner mistreats and hurts you?
  3. Do you know that the relationship is bad for you or causes you frequent pain but cant contemplate leaving for the terrible fear of being alone?
  4. Does your self esteem or mood depend on your partners behavior towards you?
  5. Do you attempt to subtly manipulate your partners to change and or stay with you?
  6. Is the relationship your primary source of happiness? Does its survival eclipse everything else in your life?
  7. Are you so considerate to your partner in order to please them that you put your own needs second much of the time?
  8. Do you let abusive people remain in your life?
  9. Do you or those you are attracted to mistreat you or refuse commitment?
  10. Do you need another in order to feel fulfilled?
  11. Do you give far more in the relationship than you receive?
  12. Do you cling to the 1% chance it will all change and work out?
  13. Do you beilieve you NEED a relationship in order to be happy?

What can I do?

Attend our new Bournemouth self help group (LOVE ADDICTION SPECIFIC)

If outside travelling distance to Bournemouth, find a meeting here (will incude sex addiction)
Private therapy with creator of this site Mr T. Roberts, Dolphin Psychotherapy Practice in person, or worldwide via telephone/webconference sessions


T: 01202 463845
M: 07790 333431

E: 07790 333431


Worldwide help available via online counseling providers of cbt therapy, online counseling, NLP and relationship counseling.

Private therapy from the Lifeworks community http://www.lifeworkscommunity.com/programmes/Individual-Programmes/love-addiction.asp



For Further Reading


How to Break Your Addiction to a Person (Howard M. Halpern)

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Is It Love or Is It Addiction? (Brenda Schaeffer)


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