Love Addiction

Always seem to give far more in your relationships that you receive back?

Broken Hearted?


Scared and Alone?


Do you feel that you NEED this or at least A relationship in order to be happy?


When you fall in love is mostly one way traffic?


Have you felt frequent heartbreak?


Do you often fear abandonment , or feel scared of being alone?


Terrified of Relationship breakup


Do you stay in the relationship at any cost, despite the hurt, despite the mistreatment….


Is it a broken heart? Or is it Love Addiction?

What is Love addiction


Is it love or is it obsession?

In the same way a drug addict becomes so obsessed by a need for the next fix, a person with Love addiction can become so obsessed by a lover that the relationship becomes the centre of there universe and there main or only source of happiness. They feel powerless to contemplate the end of there relationship no matter how poorly they may be treated.

People in healthy love relationships have mutual respect, reciprocal giving sharing and support and stable boundaries. Above all they have “a walk away point” beyond which a partners mistreatment of them will result in their own decision to end the relationship no matter how much they may love that partner.